Saturday, 14 April 2012

DMGM Crayon kohl Pencil - Review & Swatches.

I have a HUGE collection of black eye pencils/ eye liners/ kohl pencils. And my most favourite being the DMGM Crayon Khol pencil.

What they claim:

Smudged swatch.
Decorate the windows of your soul with style. Crayon Kohl pencil can be used to create a sharp line for a softer, smoky effect. They are long-lasting and won't crake or streak. It comes in 2 luxurious colors that adds depth & definition.

What is my review:
Out of all the eye pencils I have used, this one is THE best. It does not smudge or streak. Does not leave a black smudge on the crease (which usually many eye pencils do). It is long lasting. And Believe me when I say that I have worn it for 6 hours straight without any touch ups and it did not smudge. It has a creamy base and its application is smooth. 
Also, before I found this pencil, the hashmi kajal was what I lived by. But this pencil just works wonders. When you smudge it, it gives a great smokey effect which is great. 
I can not find any faults with this pencil and I doubt it that I will find any in the near future. The only trouble with this pencil is that it is too fragile. It breaks easily when you sharpen it, so you have to be very careful while sharpening it. 

Price: I got it for PKR 550/- from Naheed Super store. But you can easily find it from any super store where they have a couple of branded cosmetic stands. Options being, Agha’s, Shazz, Naheed and Chase. 


  1. good review, hey do one abt kryolan orange sticks to be used for correcting under eye circles

  2. for sure. I have that one.. and will definitely do a review about it.

  3. i also have dmgm kohl pencil.. its really good,its does not smudge at all!!!