Saturday, 7 April 2012

D.I.Y Make-up Remover.

Finished your awesome make-up remover? Too broke to buy the same awesome make-up remover? Guess what? =D Make an even more awesomer make-up remover ALL BY YOURSELF. And that too in the cheapest budget you can imagine! :D

All you need is:
-         Rose water/ Aloe-Vera water
-         Baby oil (with an Aloe-Vera base)
-         Baby Shampoo (preferably a no-tear formula)
-         Olive oil (optional)
-         Empty bottle with a small hole on the top (use your old make-up remover bottle)

What to do:
Take half a bottle of rose water, add 3 tablespoon baby oil, 1 table spoon of baby shampoo and 1 table spoon of olive oil. And there you have it. The most amazing make-up remover.
Swatched make-up.
Just one swatch of the make-up remover.

-         If you are taking Aloe-Vera water instead of Rose water, then you DO NOT need baby oil with a base of Aloe-Vera. Any baby oil will do.
-         Since oil does not mix with water, shake it well before using.
-         Having an Aloe-Vera ingredient is must, because it helps to sooth irritated skin.

Trust me, I have used a lot of make-up removers and wasted money on them. This is the most cheapest of all make-up removers and awesome too! =D
You can get all these items from any superstore.

Price list:
Rose water – under Rs.100 (I had it at home, so I can’t say)
Baby oil, Rs.135
Baby Shampoo, Rs.85
Olive oil – Rs.65

 DISCLAIMER: I have not copied this technique from anyone! I read this on the internet and improvised it myself. 

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