Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cheetah heels!

Like Marylin Monroe quotes 'all the women owe a lot to the person who invented high heels' :D

I am a hugeee fan of heels. And since I am of an average height, I can wear heels whenever and wherever :D
I got these cheetah print heels from Saffron for only Rs-1700/-  :D

They are 5 inch heels with a tiny bow on top. And trust me when I say they are not painful! I am the kind of girl who will go through immense pain to wear a gorgeous pair of heels. They are quite comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. :D

And you know whats the best part? They go along with any kind of dress, whether it be jeans or shalwar kameez. <3

and lastly to add the best saying 'give a girl the right kind of heels and she will conquer the world' :D

1 comment:

  1. They are amazing especially paired with these pink tights. :)